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Private Coaching

Got a big goal?


Course Goals

Develop fluency, life skills, critical thinking ability


Whether you’re aiming to achieve that next big goal or important project, or you’re at a crossroads in your life, or you’ve lost your drive, passion or direction, life coaching can empower you to envision, create and action the life and lifestyle you want to live.

Unlike English teaching that emphasises an instructor who simply imparts their knowledge, our coaching focuses on helping students take responsibility for identifying their own goals, assess their own strengths, and identify how they’ll choose to improve and develop moving forward. This is achieved within a safe, creative, and non-judgemental space, with a coach who asks thought-provoking questions and listens to help students explore, reflect and reach their own decisions



1 on 1

  • Class duration : 1 hour

  • Upto 2 classes per week

  • Flexible timings in any weekday

  • Starting at €35 per hour

Group Course

  • Class duration : 1 hour

  • Group size : 4 - 6

  • Upto 2 classes per week

  • Fixed timings

  • Avail Heavy Discounts

How it works

Choose your Course 

Select a course according to your needs and requirements

Define your Schedule

Book a time slot from available slots of a teacher under book tab 

Start your course 

After you have defined your learning schedule, you may start your course


Want a Custom Course?

We can help you with customizing your own course with topics of your Interest

Have any questions?

Contact us and we will be happy to help

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