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Create a more joyful and caring world


Course Goals

Develop fluency, build good habits and break bad ones, mindfulness


Want to make yourself and your community happier whilst improving your English? Then join our English wellbeing Curriculum!

The wellbeing Curriculum is an 9-week course, based on scientific research, that helps you find simple ways to make yourself and others happier.

Learn from the experts through videos, resources, mindfulness exercises, and apps to help you break big ideas into manageable chunks.

Take small actions each week, and reflect on how you’re creating happiness for yourself and those around you.




What really counts?

Lots of things are important in life, but how should we decide what really matters to us? This session explores how a greater focus on happiness and wellbeing might improve each of our individual lives.



Can we find calmness? 

Life can be highly stressful. In this session we'll explore how to deal effectively with life's ups and downs, and cope with adversity. We’ll also look at skills which can help us become more resilient amid life’s challenges.



What makes for excellent connections? 

We're a social species, and most of us know the importance of our connections with other. But what personal characteristics really affect our relationships, and are there practical things we can do to enhance them?



Can we create more contented communities? 

What does it mean to live well together – and why are some communities or societies much happier than others? In this session, we'll explore how to create more caring, connected and happy communities.



Presentation of your learning



What makes us contented? 

We're told that happiness comes from having more and earning more, but is this really true? Does happiness come from our circumstances or our inner attitudes? And can we learn how to be happier?



How ought we consider others? 

Our society appears increasingly individualistic and competitive. Is this just human nature? Are we naturally altruistic as well? How should we behave towards others — and can we learn to be more compassionate?



Can we be better off at work? 

Work is a huge part of who we are, but many of us find it one of the most stressful and frustrating parts of our lives. Do happier organisations get better results? What makes us happy at work? And what can we do about it?



How can we build a more joyful world? 

This session brings together everything we've covered during the course. It aims to inspire each of us to live in a way that contributes to a happier world for ourselves and others.


1 on 1

  • Class duration : 1 hour

  • Upto 2 classes per week

  • Flexible timings in any weekday

  • Starting at €35 per hour

Group Course

  • Class duration : 1 hour

  • Group size : 4 - 6

  • Upto 2 classes per week

  • Fixed timings

  • Avail Heavy Discounts

How it works

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Start your course 

After you have defined your learning schedule, you may start your course


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We can help you with customizing your own course with topics of your Interest

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