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Computer Learning

Phenomenon based learning

We base our classes on real-life use of the English language through a technique called phenomenon-based learning (PBL). This multidisciplinary approach forges connections across subjects and aligns different disciplines with meaning and authenticity.  We apply English study to a variety of ‘phenomena,’ or holistic topics such as life skills, integration, football, music, and personal development. This gives students an opportunity to debate the topic, problem-solve, collaborate, think creatively, and take action. The OECD have stated that the introduction of PBL in the Finnish educational system has proved to be an outstanding educational reform on a national level. 

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Collaborative work

Work with others to develop thoughtful perspectives on the world

Real-world topics

Study key knowledge in the context of real-world examples

Enquiry based Learning

Think laterally about challenging questions

Problem Solving approach

Prepare to solve problems in real life and develop critical thinking

Cross Curricular

​Combine English Language acquisition with diverse subjects

Presentation of findings

Review and share what you have learned via filmed presentations

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