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‘’Dan is an excellent teacher with a unique capacity to engage students during his classes. He has a tremendous ability to improve students’ confidence and skills. His spontaneous and interactive approach enabled me to speak more fluently and to expand my vocabulary.’’




“I love Daniel's lessons: you keep on talking either in pairs or in group, learn useful expressions and how to correct pronunciation mistakes. All this in a very friendly environment where you have the chance to meet interesting people!”

Thanh Tran.jpg

Thanh Tran


“ My name is Thanh Tran, I had an opportunity to be coached by Daniel in a six-week coaching course. I believe this coaching program could be a life-changing experience for you as it did for me. I have always struggled with self-confidence and finding my life purpose. One of my goals in the course was to boost my confidence in communication and public speaking. During my coaching sessions, I learned how to address “low point” areas of my life and to start taking actions to improve them. I also learned solutions to overcome negative judgements that I often unkindly blame on myself, and at the same time constantly concentrate on working towards my future plans. In addition, these coaching sessions were really productive in terms of practicing English speaking skill. It really helped me to learn how to quickly respond to questions, to express my feelings, emotions and build up my vocabulary.  ”




‘’I took one to one lesson with Daniel for longer than a year. They were perfect as I could arrange them when it was more convenient for me as well as Daniel based the lessons on what I wanted to learn. We worked through pronunciation, vocabulary, my common mistakes, etc. Daniel's lessons system worked well for me and made a big difference to my English. I will definitely recommend him if you want to improve your English!’’


Judith C.


“This lessons with Daniel are the best that I've found. The teacher is really good because of his knowledge and because he is really friendly. It is a good way to practice and improve the speaking and listening English skills.”




“ The English Conversation Class is wonderful. Dan is a really open-minded, attentive and skilled teacher. I will definitely keep on visiting the classes because I consider them useful and entertaining. ”




I was looking for a native english teacher who was qualified and flexible. Learning with Daniel was the best solution. He offered me private tuitions at a very competitive price and a personalized program. I could improve the grammar, extend the vocabulary and ameliorate my pronunciation. The lessons were funny and pleasant, always focused on my interests and needs. I think that this was a very profitable experience, and I suggest it to anyone who wants to learn with a very competent, diligent and nice teacher.




“ It was my first English class and it was nice. Looking forward for the next class. ”

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Laura Quinton


“ When Coronavirus gripped the world, I became wracked with fear for my career and life trajectory. Feeling utterly exhausted, a three-month temporary lay-off from work became the perfect interval during which to build the foundation for a future I wanted for myself. But where to start?!

Daniel was the perfect life coach and conduit through which to connect with my true self. He helped me to pinpoint my personal goals and to employ the tools needed to achieve them.

Through coaching sessions with Daniel came the radical revelation that I needed to set myself free from long-held, self-imposed limitations. This switch in mindset has been a game-changer for me.

As coronavirus abates, I return to work feeling stronger and more determined to safeguard the balance I want and need in my life. With this, I trust that everything else will fall into place.

I highly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking clarity, guidance and self-empowerment in their lives.




“ This English meetup is excellent for you if you like learning language in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere yet it has all the perks of a larger language school. The class is small enough, so Daniel the native English-speaking instructor can give you personal help, comments and assistance during your classwork. What you’ve got: highly customized and interactive exercises on vocabulary, verb conjugations, grammar, phrases and pronunciation by discussing everyday topics to improve your daily English conversation skills. On top of that the exercises on all of the above will be emailed to you later on. So it’s great, get ready to laugh and make some nice acquaintances here! I really enjoy the atmosphere and dynamics created in these classes. ”




“ very nice and welcoming group! ”

user Blue.jpg

Yi-chun D.


“ I want to say thank you Daniel for the great lessons I've ever had (and perhaps also the best compared to those in my hometown). Now that I've come back to Taiwan, I'm gonna miss those wonderful lessons :)

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